02 Jun, 2008

Stockholm Marathon 2008

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Stockholm Marathon 2008
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This sunday was time for my first full marathon this year. I did not complete any marathons in 2007 due to my problems with achilles tendons.

Pacesetting in the winter have kept me running and I am somewhat ok now with my achilles problem. Haven’t really done the milage needed up to the run. Moving to a new adress, reorganising my life, exciting new opporunities at work etc. have taken its time from training.

Up to Stockholm I had lots of thoughts about my ability just to complete the run. I knew that I could run the 30K, but I also new that my muscle training effort had not been up to par this season.

18.000 + runners was registered for Stockholm Marathon (compared to 7.000 in Glitnir Copenhagen Marathon). The marathon day was sunny and with high temperatures at 29 degrees C. All sparta runners know what impact this can have and just how important hydrating is during the run (however this was an extreme situation for us…).

I started out with Preben. For the first 5K or so we couldn’t really move at the pace we planned for. Everyone was trying to run in the shade and even in the sun it was hard to keep the pace. We lost about 2 mins in the first 5. So we had to gear up a bit to compensate for this.

First lap was ok, no problems at all. A few K’s before 30K my cramps in lower leg started to show – however being very stubbord I ignored the fact until it couldn’t be ignored just before 35K.

Last 7K was hell. I was very happy about the supplies and the audience on the last few K’s they really helped a lot.

End time was 4:09. Not a PR (which wasn’t expected either) but a good time which I can be very satisfied about. It was definitely on par with my running peers.

So today I’ll decide whether North Sea Beach Marathon shoould be the next for this year.

3 Responses to "Stockholm Marathon 2008"

1 | Agent Angelo

June 2nd, 2008 at 18:20


So. Are we going or not ?

2 | jsachman

June 3rd, 2008 at 15:12


I think we should.

3 | Agent Angelo

June 3rd, 2008 at 18:15


OK then. Let’s run.

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